The Do’s and Don’ts of PR Blogging

DO Customize Your Stories.

In the world of PR, and blogging in general, the same topic and story gets covered dozens of times by dozens of people. There is nothing wrong with writing about a topic that has been covered before by someone else, just make it your own. For example, if you are writing a crisis communication blog but want to write a post about the soda tax you could cater the post to talk about how coca

DON’T Forget About Strategic Communication.

It is easy to get caught up in the story and forget about the PR side of things. When writing a PR industry specific blog, make sure you tackle all stories from a strategic communications standpoint.

DO Write Professionally.

Even though this is a blog, it’s a PR blog. As you all know, grammar and spelling are the foundations of the public relations industry. While your blog may be more casual than a news release, it still needs to follow the basic professional writing guidelines.

DON’T Be Bland.

Using good grammar and being professional doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Make sure you use a friendly, personal and conversational tone when writing your posts. Make sure your posts have character.

DO Use Helpful Images.

Using pictures that illustrate your point helps improve readability and understandability. Including related images makes posts more visually appealing and can help clarify ideas that readers might be struggling to understand. Creative Commons is a great website resource for finding images that are free to use.

DON’T Use Throw-Away Images.

Don’t throw in a meaningless picture just for fun. While using pictures does beautify posts, using images that don’t help tell the story is distracting and ultimately takes away from what you are trying to say. If an image isn’t helping tell the story, get rid of it and replace it with one that does.

For more tips and tricks on PR blogging check this out!



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