3 Tips for Growing Your Audience on Social Media


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Our world has become consumed by measuring success and popularity based on likes and followers. Every day dozens of new viral accounts pop up across the social media sphere. Making a name for yourself, your company or even your pet has become a battle for the most favorites, retweets and comments. As the generation raised on technology and Facebook rises into the job market, it seems that everyone knows how to work the social media sphere and that each account is more gripping than the last. So how do you distinguish yourself in a world full of social media casanovas?


Eye candy is everything in the food industry. Food pun intended. No one wants to eat or even look at a sloppy plate smeared with grease and ketchup. They want to see a picture of a smooth porcelain plate with neat pile of purple potatoes atop a vibrant puree. View your food as art. The more beautiful and unique it is, the more people will want to follow it and eat it. Building social media accounts that are not only informative but also attractive is essential to success.

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Chipotle: Communicating Food in the Face of Crisis



Chipotle Mexican Grill, a fast food chain based in the United States of America, recently faced an E.coli outbreak in their restaurants in nine different states. Out of the 52 individuals that fell ill , 47 of them reported eating at the chain before succumbing to E.coli. More information on the states and situation can be found here.

Chipotle has become a household name, known for having a very loyal brand following. Upon the outbreak, patrons and media immediately began to turn their backs on the company. The household name quickly turned to a token of reminder for the dangerous stomach bug. Angry customers took to social media to share their disappointment and disgust. Tweets ranged from saying things like “I will never eat at Chipotle again” to bashing the CEO and the company ethics. A hashtag, #chipotlecrisis, emerged on Twitter amidst the backlash. The repercussions even expanded into the company’s finances. JP Morgan, a prominent banking and analysis company, predicts that the outbreak cost the chain three years of earnings growth.

But how did Chipotle handle the crisis?

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